Testing GoPro

I got a new camera! here you can fid some test pictures of my new GoPro Hero3 Black edition that i got for christmas. The GoPro is actually a very good camera also for the still shots, even though it’s at it’s best as a video camera. Couple of minuses that i have found so far are: It has a very weak battery, you absolutely need to get the battery backpack to add battery time. Also the lowlight quality isn’t so good as it could be. The missing flash could be useful but off course you can always use some other source of light to light up your subjects. The GoPro Hero is at it’s best for filming and photographing action shots and life from angles that you just can’t get with a traditional camera but i find it also very useful for example documenting everyday life moments as it’s alway ready and very simple to use. Hint: The remote control is handy! If you need a camera that you can take anywhere and doesn’t take much space than the GoPro is the best that i’ve tested so far.

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  1. Fun shots! The dog is lovely and the camera seems really good!


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