New York, where dreams are made

Last summer we visited New York. Our first trip to The Big Apple was also our first trip to the American continent. I wanted to share some pictures and memories of what some call the greatest city on Earth. 

Indeed New York was impressing, we fell in love with It instantly. I still remember the amazing feeling when we were walking the streets of Manhattan very early on the first morning. After a late night arrival we were wide awake and eager to explore the city of movies and legends. The streets were almost empty, just a few people going to work and some maintenance workers cleaning the pavement, it was one of those moments that you remember for the rest of your life; the silence and at the same time the overwhelming heartbeat of a giant city.

In New York there are so many places and things to see, feel, try and taste that you can propably spend a lifetime just exploring the city. It’s constantly evolving, changing and growing. We did our best and spent nine days there  and saw just a scratch.

We went to the most famous tourist attractions like Empire State, Museum of Natural History, The Met, Top of the Rock (Rockefeller center), Statue of Liberty, 9.11 memorial and Freedom Tower, Times Square etc. We even went to see a Yankie game! We visited almost all of those places that you have only read on papers and seen on movies, and they were amazing. Yet the best food that we ate was not on top of the Trump Tower, it was in Chinatown in a small corner joint where they had the best slowly cooked  sweet honey pork i’ve ever had. The best breakfast we had was also the cheapest one in a small side street just below Central Park. The most interesting people were not the tourists on Times Square, but the ones that we saw walking in Greenwich Village and Soho or riding in the subway or a local train going to  Brooklyn or Bronx.

In New York we felt like at home, like we were ment to be there. For sure we will return, and If you haven’t walked the Brooklyn Bridge yet, it’s definitely a place to visit before your’e dead.

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  1. Agreed its a special place.. somewhat inspiring I am glad you enjoyed it… Great photos too a wandering memory

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    1. trekkingandphotos says:

      Thank you for your comments. There’s something special about being in the middle of so many people, but still being totally free and independent, unknown. Like an observer, in the middle of everything but not really a part of anything.


      1. Nice way of looking at it… I am glad you enjoyed it.

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