From Tromsø to Lofoten – an Arctic roadtrip. Part 3, Norway

From the Paris of the north we headed south towards Lofoten. Lofoten is an island group connected to the mainland of Norway by a series of bridges and small roads circling round the fells. I shared some pictures along the way between Tromsø and the little town of Å, at the southern end of Lofted, where the road ends.

If you are going to Loften, be sure to check the weather forecast. The islands are situated in the middle of the sea and the weather changes rapidly. We spent one night at the camping group in Å, on the Moskenes island. At the evening the weather was quite ok, even thou it was a little bit windy, but in the middle of the night we found our tent swimming in the water. When it rains in Moskenes – it really rains. Lofoten is a beautiful place even in the fall, probably even more beautiful in the summer. There’s still something uniquely appealing about the harsh primitive nature that you can find there. I took some pictures for you.

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