Between Nordkapp and Tromsø – an Arctic roadtrip. Part 2, Norway

On our way round the northern Scandinavia, here we were heading south to Lofoten from the northest point of continental Europe. Our route went thru Alta, the biggest city in the county of Finnmark and Paris of the North, Tromsø.

The scenery steepens in Norway more you head south, the fells are higher the closer you get towards Lofoten. When we left Nordkapp, there were hardly any trees and very little life on the nature around, the scenery is quite flat and the fells are wide and not so steep. Heading towards Alta on the E6 route the nature comes back alive little by little. When you get to Alta you find yourself back on the green zone. The warming impact of the Gulf stream keeps the Norwegian coastal cities much warmer than usually on the same latitudes.

In Alta we stayed at the Alta river Camping, which is a nice small campsite on the outskirts of Alta city. It was actually quite hard to find campsites in Alta, the first two we found were both closed. It seemed like the best days of camping and traveler’s in general were over in Alta. Not much more to say on that matter.

After a good breakfast we started our engines and continued our journey towards what is said to be the Paris of the north, Tromsø. Most of Tromsø is situated on an island. There’s a beautifull bridge connecting the city center to the mainland. The city is moderate size and there’s a nice city centre to explore. One curiosity in Tromsø are the road under the city! There’s a whole network of roads and even traffic circles in the tunnels under the city!

I took some pictures from along the way to share!

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