Walking the Great Glen Way’s, Scotland

The Great Glen Way’s are a network of routes across Scotland along the Caledonian Canal in the Scottish Highlands. The Great Glen can be travelled by canoe, bike or by foot, as we did. The journey starts (or ends) from Fort William in the western coast and ends in Inverness at the eastern coast of Scotland. Whole lenght by foot is 117 kilometers.

We started our journey from the western coast at the beginning of the Caledonian canal at the Corpach sea lock office. At the office you can buy a key for the restrooms and showers that are located along the route. We got the key which costed ten pounds, but as we later found out was a waste of money at least for us. We used the key only once at one trailblazers camping ground which was situated on our route. The brochures about the Glen Way tell that there are camping grounds situated along the way and also with the locks but we found out that the camping places on the canal locks are really tiny and basically situated on places that you don’t want to camp. Couple of the trailblazers campgrounds are quite good, but only a couple. Basically the best way to camp along the route is wild camping on the high routes in the hills and on the commercial campgrounds.

Our journey began from Corpach heading east towards Inverness. The first part along the canal is quite easy to walk but there isn’t so much to see. The exciting parts begin after you get out of the Caledonian canal way and up to the mountains and higher ground.

The route goes up to the peaks along the way and then right back to the level of the great lochs. There are lot’s of places for camping alone the way, and even thou it’s not forbidden to make camp anywhere, it’s possible. There are commercial campsites along the way that we used, but also good places for wild camping.  We spent one night right at the beach by loch lochy in a beautifully situated camping ground or trailblazers rest, and one night in the high winds on the mountains.

The route offers great variety of different kinds of natures, from the blush forests just along the lochs to the higher altitude places in the mountains where it almost feels like scandinavian territory with hardly any trees. I took some pictures along the way that i wanted to share with you. Scotland is beautiful. A traveller on the Great Glen can find a breath of the spirit that you see in the movies about the great scottish highlands, the mountains and lochs. Im happy that i travelled to see the glen way, i hope that i will get the chance to return to Scotland some day, perhaps for a longer hike to the highlands.

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