Parc national de Teide, Tenerife, Spain

The scenery is amazing and nature is versatile in Tenerife, i truly recommend going there and exploring the island actively.

When we started considering going to the Canary Islands i wasn’t so excited, at least not so much as i was after we had been there for a while. I’ve always thought that Islas Canaries is the place where people little bit older than me go to relax and the atmosphere would be a little more worn out and… well retired. It’s not.

We got a last minute flight to Tenerife last winter holiday. Then booked a hotel in Momondo and got on our way. We were thinking that it’s a place that you must visit at least once, so why not do the Canaries now when we got a good deal. We were quite wrong, Tenerife wasn’t retired and worn out at all.

Tenerife turned out to be one of my favourite destinations on a shorter flight distance from Finland. The nature in Tenerife is intriguing, it’s so diverse on such a small area. When you start from the south of the island from Golf del Sur or Play de La Americas area the climate is very dry and almost desert like. Then you go up the mountain and you come up to the green zone and the scenery turns to borealis pine tree zone, almost like northern parts of continental Europe. When you get to the highlands and to the area of the national park of Teide the scenery turns to something from moon or some foreign planet. Dry and dead, but somehow captivating. Then you head out towards the north along the highlands and start a slover descent towards the northern coast of the island. The scenery and the climate starts to turn back to pine tree zone, after that to leaf tree zone and then finally almost tropical zone when you get nearer to the north end. The northern part is much more tropical than the south end of the island.

We rented a car from the airport, that was a good choice. The island is just the right size to see easily on moderate time and having a car is convenient. At least we didn’t want to spend the entire holiday at the tourist villages  like Play de Las Americas but to see the unique nature and sceneries. We also saw lot’s of cyclists on the road in Teide area and that would have been also a good idea. The scenery is amazing and nature is versatile in Tenerife, i truly recommend going there and exploring the island actively. Some pics below, click on the pics to open them in larger size.



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  1. Suvi says:

    I too was a bit vary of going to Tenerife two Xmases ago. But in the end it was a super holiday destination. Trekking, running, beach, good food and relaxing. What else would you want? We also rented a car but found that in the evening the driving turned really dangerous with cars zipping here and there manically!!


    1. trekkingandphotos says:

      Hi Suvi, thank you for your comment. True, it’s a much better place than often thought.

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  2. What a great mountain adventure, incredible mountain adventure.


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