UKK National Park, fall 2016

Last fall we trekked in the famous Finnish UKK National Park. The park get’s it’s name from former Finnish president Urho Kaleva Kekkonen, who was also an outdoors man himself. We took a couple of days trip from Sunday to Wednesday on the basic part of the park. We started our stroll at the skiing center Saariselkä and after four days in the fell, we ended up in the same place.

It’s a place for mindfulness

It’s true what they say about the Finnish Lapland, it has it’s magic. It’s really hard to describe. I’ve been there earlier, but what i specially remember about this trip was the air. The air was so fresh up in the fell that with every breath i felt like i was breathing pure, cool oxygen. We didn’t have any rush on our trip. We didn’t make long day trips, but we enjoyed the nature. Took our time high in the mountains. Looking for mindfulness, it’s definitely a place where you can find it. Enjoy the pictures, and go there.


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